Snappy Baby Grew To More Than 3,000 Designs Of Flannel Fabric By The Yar

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Snappy Baby Flannel Fabric By The Yard

Snappy Baby is an online shop that sells Flannel Fabric only. I get the question “how did you even get into this?” all the time. So, here I am to tell my story for all those that are wondering how a random person gets over 3000 designs of flannel fabric! (The story about how I store it in my house will be for another time, though.)

What Led to Flannel Fabric?

In 2010, I had my first child.  My Grandmother made me some baby blankets that she learned to make when she was young.  She had been sewing the same style of baby blankets for over 40 years by then.  The blankets were a wonderful size, quite a bit larger than ones that you would buy in a store.  My baby grew fast, so the larger blanket was so much nicer to have and my Grandmother’s blankets quickly became my favorite to use.  

When baby number 2 came around, I wanted more blankets but I didn’t want to ask my Grandmother to make them for me.  She made so many already for other people that I was hesitant to ask her to make me more.  I mean, most people don’t think parents need 5 blankets per kid, but we used them for everything!  So, instead of asking her to make me more, I asked her to teach me how to sew blankets.  She said “it’s too expensive to make things anymore, just buy what you need.”  I didn’t really like that answer.  Instead, I saved up for a while and bought myself a sewing machine and some flannel.  I took it over to my Grandmother’s house and said “now can you teach me to sew a blanket your way?”  

It did not take me long to learn and I made several blankets for myself, friends, and family members that were having kids.  I was at a baby shower one day and everyone was talking about the baby blanket (possibly because I was the only person that MADE a gift instead of buying one).  The girls there told me to sell on Etsy.  I was very hesitant because I was still semi new to sewing, but also because not many people that were around me bought things online at that time.  I was big into buying online, though, so I decided to give it a try.  I spent a few dollars and listed a dozen or so blankets that I had made for sale.  Do you know how many sales I made in the first few months?  ZERO!

But Why Flannel Fabric By the Yard?

I was busy with two little ones by the time I had really started learning how to sell on Etsy.  With the two kids keeping me busy, it was only a little disappointing that I wasn’t selling anything.  However, I decided that maybe I needed to learn more about the online process and that maybe I needed more products online.  I made a few more blankets and put them up, then I started to research other products that I could sell to compliment the blankets.  Over time, I had come up with a lot of ideas, but sewing takes time…. and two little ones were not really liking me sitting in my new sewing spot and keeping them out.  So, my shop just sat for a couple of months until I started getting messages from customers asking if I would just sell them the flannel fabric.  Sorry guys!  I made everything into blankets! 

After about the 30th message, I decided to stop making blankets and shifted to offering the flannel designs for people to choose what they wanted me to make.  You know what happened?  People kept asking if they could just buy the flannel.  So, I shifted again.  I started listing flannel by the yard and it was selling.  I would only list whatever I had left over from my projects, so it would be a yard here or two yards there.  Then, something happened that I never expected in a million years.  I went back to the store to buy flannel that I had sold and I wanted to get more for a friend for a blanket.  They didn’t have any, so I asked about it and that’s when they used the dreaded word that so many of us crafters now know…. it was DISCONTINUED!!!  

I am sure the look on my face clearly showed the disgust I had with that word.  After that moment, I started buying as much as I could so I could make baby blankets, sell some extra to people that needed it, or whatever else I wanted to do.  Many times, I’ve seen a design and wanted a pillow case or a sleep shirt or just something.  

After a while, the “extra” turned into piles of flannel that I didn’t have time to use.  Over the years, people started asking for more and more so I started to buy by the bolt and then special ordering and buying multiple bolts.  I wouldn’t have kept going if it weren’t for the hundreds of people every year that message me or leave feedback about how grateful they are that I had a specific design.  

Snappy Baby Today

Although I strive to keep as many designs in my house as possible, the 2020 Pandemic caused me to get so overwhelmed filling orders that I had to cut back what I sold.  Older designs have been shifted to a site that is not Etsy and newer designs get listed on Etsy for at least 8 months (unless they sell out).  I still have over 3000 designs, but it takes a little time to get them onto the different websites.  I am also constantly searching and tracking down the hard to find flannel designs so I can make sure people can get what they want! My most loyal customers came from Etsy, so I will always post my newer and more popular designs on that shop.  However, the designs that are older will be shifted over to my other site.  So be sure to check both out if you are looking for something specific!  

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