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Are you a shop owner on a Marketplace (like Etsy) or your own store?  Would you like to share your story with the Crafty Universe?  

We want to help drive traffic to your shop!  The Crafty Universe is growing and we have some unique methods for driving traffic to our posts.  

If you are interested in submitting your information, please submit your name and email below.  We will email you with the link to a form to complete.  Don’t worry – it’s easy to fill out!

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What To Expect After You Submit

After you submit your name and email address, we’ll send you an email with a link to a form to complete.

That form will ask you for a minimum 300 word submission about your store.  You need to include at least 1 picture, but more is better!

At the bottom of every shop story is an “about the author” section.  If you have appropriate social media accounts, we will include a link to those in addition to a link to your shop.

We will also ask you to confirm the best email to contact you with any additional questions.

How Do We Promote?

Our primary method of promotion is through content marketing.  We push content out through our blog posts, and we also post content to dozens of news outlets, high-trafficked blog sites, social media, bookmarking sites, and many other locations.

We also use proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) methods to help improve our visibility in search engines.  We’ll explain this more through video that will distribute to those of you who sign up to submit your shop.