Crafty Twins Fabric Was Born Out Of A Need

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Crafty Twins Cotton Fabric

Crafty Twins Fabric on Etsy is a newer shop that was created out of the sheer lack of fabrics available in the market during the Pandemic in 2020. What do I mean?  Well, read on to find out exactly how the shop got started!

How It All Began

In April of 2020, there was a huge influx in the need of flannel fabric.  This came about because of people wanting to make masks to help during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  My sister (she is my identical twin) sold flannel fabric by the yard and was constantly being asked to sell smaller sizes.  With the pandemic, though, it was hard to implement more options and keep up with her shop.

One day, we started talking about how she couldn’t keep up with the sales and now she had an overwhelming amount of remnants.  So many that she wasn’t sure where she could keep storing them!  (Remnants in the fabric world are pieces smaller than the designated amount being sold.  So for my sister, a remnant was anything under 1 yard since she sells by the yard.)

We both thought it was unfortunate that she couldn’t list the remnants for people that wanted them for various projects, like face masks.  My sister said “If it wouldn’t cost a fortune to send all the remnants to you, I would see if you wanted to sell them.”  In about twenty minutes, we had a plan for me to get all of the remnants and get started as soon as possible.  (The two of us do not usually let obstacles get in the way of an idea!) 

My shop doesn’t have a long background story.  It’s just basically trying to get more flannel options out there during a time when it was very much needed.  The big craft stores were selling out or closed.  It seemed that anyone open was being overwhelmed with orders and taking weeks to get orders out the door.  I started this shop to help all of the wonderful crafters that needed flannel and could use the smaller pieces.  Remnants are great for many, many projects and admit it…. buying smaller amounts means you will probably have more space for more wonderful designs! Who doesn’t want to buy more designs?

In case you didn’t catch it before, the name of my shop comes from the fact that I have an identical twin.  The two of us work together on getting the fabric, but when you contact someone through the shop, I am the one that you will be speaking with.  We do not live in the same state, so our shops are separate.  Maybe one day we will be able to combine our resources, but for now we are making due with what we have right now.  

Looking Forward

Although flannel is great for so many projects, there are people out there trying to find other cotton fabrics.  Currently, I’m trying to find other types of cotton that I can help to supply people with because there is a really big need for cotton fabric in general out there!  I will keep trying to provide various cotton fabrics for as long as I can.  I may even expand into other fabrics if the need comes up.  I am not a big company.  I am just an individual, trying to help during a difficult time.  I will keep doing whatever I can to help all of you find the wonderful designs that you love!

I have a particular weakness for the adorable, licensed character designs like Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Avengers, Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy, etc.  It is not easy to try to track down fabric in general right now, but I am doing my best to get anything I can!  I will take requests as well.  If you have a particular design you want to see (my sister has requested that I keep an eye out for Scooby Doo when it becomes available), then let me know and I will try to find something for you.  Although I am knew-ish to the fabric industry, I’m making connections with various fabric companies around the country to ensure that I can obtain various types of cotton fabrics for people when it is available.  

On a side note, kudos to all of you crafters out there for dealing with the fabric shortage!  Thank you to crafters that switched to making masks when they were so short as well!  Helping where we can might get us all back on track.  

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