Tiny C Crafts Offers Face Masks For People With Glasses and Handmade Rosaries

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Tiny C Crafts Makes Face Masks Examples

I started my shop after I graduated from high school by selling handmade rosaries. I still sell them but I am now focused on selling cute cotton 3D face masks since we are in the middle of a pandemic.

From Casual To Full-Time

I wasn’t focused too much on my shop because I had either been in school, had a job, or had been doing both in conjunction with this shop. I recently quit my job in order to focus on studying for a certification that will elevate my resume and allow me to move up in my career within IT.

That being said, this is my only source of income right now and I am truly grateful for the orders placed in my shop because I know there are many other shops doing the same.

Tiny C Crafts Face Masks Example 1
Tiny C Crafts Face Masks Example 2

Stylish Masks And Specialization For Glasses Wearers

I try to make mine unique by using my serger to sew over the edges and give it a decorative look with the stitches instead of seeing on the inside and having bulky edges. It also makes it much more comfortable to wear, especially for folks who use glasses like I do, I sit my glasses on top of the mask edge to seal it and prevent them from fogging.

Tiny C Crafts Face Masks Example 3
Halfsies Mask Half and Half Design

Fun Halfsies Masks

I also make “halfsies” masks, which is a mask where you get to choose two different designs on one mask (left and right side). I find this to be somewhat more economical because you can have two of your favorite designs in one mask instead of having to buy two masks.

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Tiny C Crafts Makes Face Masks