Christmas Cotton Fabric For Quilters and Crafts Available Through Online Fabric Retailers

Christmas Cotton Fabric By The Yard

Quilters and other sewing crafters seeking Christmas cotton fabric and flannel fabric can find what they need through online fabric retailers.

With normal local retailers struggling with restrictions and unable to get adequate stock, Christmas cotton fabric is harder to find this year.

Where are they turning to get traditional and licensed Christmas fabric?  Quilters and crafters are shopping from specialty online fabric retailers such as Crafty Twins Fabric and Snappy Baby

Not enough time to craft something yourself, but still want something handcrafted?  Check out the Shop Stories to see some amazing handcrafted products!

Online Fabric Stores Offer Christmas Novelty Cotton Fabric and Flannel Fabric

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the major holidays for crafters.  Novelty and quilting cotton is great for quilters and other sewing crafts.  

Popular craft projects include face masks, quilting, home décor, bedding, and more.  My shop, Crafty Twins Fabric, has had multiple people requesting cotton material for masks as well as quilting.

My sister’s shop, Snappy Baby, has even more requests for her specialty online flannel fabric by the yard store.  Flannel fabric is popular during the holidays for making lounging pants and baby blankets.

Searching for Flannel, Quilting, or Novelty Christmas Fabric?

Demand for Christmas fabric has increased as it gets closer to the holidays.  What are you going to make?  What kinds of Christmas designs work for your projects?