Not Bad Gifts Brings Fun Designs To Clothing And Gifts

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Not Bad Gifts Leggings Shirts And More

Have you ever gone shopping, saw something you liked a lot and when you went to buy it, they didn’t have it in your size?  Or maybe you couldn’t find a single thing you liked and instead saw something horrible and thought “What were they thinking?  I could do better than that!”  Or maybe you had an idea for clothing and it showed up in the market 6 months later?  Well, those are all reasons why Not Bad Gifts was started!

A Better Mouse Trap

Ok, I won’t say that we came up with a better mouse trap…. I’ll just say that we tend to like our own designs more than some of the designs that we see in the market.  I think we have all had that moment in the store where we are completely disgusted by a design that we see.  Maybe it’s the actual design on the shirt, or the way a clothing item is cut.  Or worse yet, it feels horrible!  No matter what the reason was, we have seen something out there that we just question the sanity of the decision makers for that particular item.  

We can’t take out those horrible mistakes in fashion history, but we can try to help future people find great things!  Well, we can’t in a general way. (I do not know a single company that would let me decide what shirt would be good for the next school year.)  We can in the way that we partner with a company that will help us fulfill our design dreams, though!  

Not Bad Gifts was created with the idea of being able to take the wonderful ideas of the people involved and put it on a product.  It kind of started as a project for kids in the family and branched out from there.  It expanded to all kinds of various design work.  None of us are “professional” designers, which might make some designs seem a bit different, but we all wanted to share our designs with the public in whatever ways we possibly could.  So, Not Bad Gifts came about.  We have found various companies to aid us in our quest of finding the great products to put our designs on for other people.  

Our name is an odd story, but I think when you see some of our marketing in the future that you will come to understand what it means.  We strive to find wonderful and terrific items, but how many times does somebody open a gift and scream “this is so wonderful!”?  I think it’s safe to say that if someone opens up the gift, smiles, and says “not bad”… then we have a hit.  We will definitely take the “this is so wonderful!” screams when needed, too, though!

Our Products in a Nutshell

Not Bad Gifts has products that range from leggings and shirts to blankets and bags.  If we can put our designs on it, then we will try to track it down!  In 2020, the Pandemic reduced the number of companies that could provide decent service with many of the products that we have.  So, we dialed it back a bit for a while and are finding companies that are able to keep providing products safely.  This might mean a temporary discontinuation of some products while that industry recovers, but we will keep trying to provide the same products we have in the past!

Currently, our products use a variety of our designs that have been created in house.  We may expand out to other designs if we find some we like, though.  If we can find companies that can work with customization, then we will offer those features when we can.  Personalized gifts are great for so many events, so we want you to have access to them!  

We know that there are people out there that like to craft items with fabric that have our designs on it instead of buying a premade gift.  If we can put our designs on fabric by the yard, we will!  We love seeing our designs out there with people wearing them or using them in craft projects.  

We also offer seasonal designs on some products. That means that it will only be available during whichever season it was created for and not the rest of the year.  (I mean, who would want to see Happy New Year 2020! or something like that for the entire year or any other year??)  So limited edition and seasonal designs are something we like to offer.  If you miss out on something and really want it, though, we can usually get it for you again.  We are pretty easy going!

If you see a design that you would love on a particular product, reach out to us and we will look into getting it for you.  We love finding quirky gifts when possible, so keep your eyes open for the new things we find as they become available.