The Masked Sunflower Provides Masks, Cart Handle Covers And More!

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The Masked Sunflower Logo

It all started on Friday the 13th… Schools are closed, our birthday parties were cancelled and the world just got flipped upside down. That’s when it started… all my scrap material became masks. 

Masks For All Ages

Girl Scouts Kids Mask 2
Girl Scouts Kids Mask
scouting mask options

I make masks for all ages: toddler, child, teenager, women and men. My masks are simply two layers of 100% cotton fabric. My pattern is based on the pattern provided by but the pattern wasn’t working for my needs.

I have adjusted the pattern over the last six months to fit better for my customers. The sides are back to the ears to minimize irritation to the ears. They are a variety of fun fabrics.

I have made masks for businesses such as the WIC Food Store in Florida. I have outfitted girl scout troops. I have made masks for myself and my family. 

Shopping Cart Handle Covers And More

mask lanyard in use

I have branched out to adding shopping cart handle covers to my inventory as well as beaded mask lanyards. 

I have a quilt and matching pillowcases listed as well.

The Masked Sunflower Product Examples

The Masked Sunflower offers masks, mask lanyards, shopping cart handle covers, pillowcases, and quilts on Etsy.  Looking for seasonal face masks?  Perhaps you want to show off your favorite sports team?  Participating in a scouting program?  The Masked Sunflower has made masks for all of these!

The products below may or may not be available on Etsy – feel free to click on the image and take a look!  To see all of the products from The Masked Sunflower on Etsy, head over to the shop front here.

Team Face Masks

Team Fabric is VERY hard to get right now, but if you’re a fan of these teams – get your masks while you can!

Mask Lanyards

The mask lanyard idea started when I accidentally dropped my mask in the lake while kayaking.  Mask Lanyards are made with glass seed beads with a lanyard hook at each end.  They are approximately 22-23 inches in length.

The following image shows the mask lanyard attached to a mask.

mask lanyard on a mask

These make a great gift or a stocking stuffer! They come packaged in an organza bag.  Here are a few examples.  Feel free to check availability by clicking on one or visiting TheMaskedSunflower on Etsy here.

Quilts and Pillowcases

These images show a quilt and pillowcase featuring a sunflower design.  Click on the images to see more info on each product or visit the Etsy shop here.

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